Detox Tea Review

Curly Hair and Teami Skinny tea
It has been over 30 days since I started drinking the detox tea, Teami Skinny. Today, I measure my waist again to see if I lost anything since the initial measurement in my first Teami post. I also tell you what results I experienced on the Teami teatox which contains yerba mate. If you would like to see me review more Teami loose leaf tea products, or other health and fitness topics, then please like, comment, and share this post!
I measured 26.5 inches around my waist when I was 7 days into the Teami tea detox. (Click here for the first Teami post with my initial impression of the Skinny teaAfter 30 days, I measured 25.5 inches around my waist. This means that I lost a full inch since starting the detox tea. While drinking the tea I ate pretty healthy and exercised. There were a few weeks where I only exercised once a week because I was extremely busy, but during that time I still tried to stick to a healthy diet. I’m pleasantly surprised at the results because my target area to lose weight was my waist line.
I still had to drink coffee some days because I needed a rush of energy to complete everything in my schedule. However, I did not experience any side effects besides losing weight! Have you tried a detox tea before? Tell me your results in the comments below.
Teami Skinny

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