One Family Korean Restaurant: Cute & Cozy

One Family Korean Restaurant Dolsat Bibimbap

Hey guys! I have found a hidden gem to share with you all. It is the coziest Korean restaurant in the Town n’ Country neighborhood of Tampa Bay. Here is a quick share of the Korean meals we have tried there from Dolsat Bibim Bap to Japchae.

One Family Korean Restaurant

One Family Korean Restaurant Booths

One Family Korean Restaurant has cozy booths that are decorated as well as a cute twinkle light ceiling. I love the atmosphere because it feels as if I’m not in Tampa whenever I step inside. I don’t always mention it in my posts, but the ambiance of a restaurant is a big factor to determine if I will return to eat in or just get take out. I feel like this location is worth dining in because of the atmosphere and the friendly service.

 One Family Korean Restaurant ManduOne Family Korean restaurant side dishesDolsot Bibim Bap with miso soupOne Family Korean Soon Tofu ChigaeJapchae

I love coming to One Family Korean Restaurant because we always get an array of tasty side dishes. Some of the sides include, kimchi, broccoli, cucumber kimchi, and a cold sweet potato side. These are pictures of a few meals we ordered on different visits. Mandu is a favorite because I absolutely adore pot stickers! Brandon loves the Dolsot Bibim Bap with the sunny side up egg. While the Japchae, stir-fried sweet potato noodles with vegetables and beef, is my favorite. I’ve also tried the Soon Tofu Chigae which is a very spicy soup with beef and tofu. I thought I could handle the spice level but it was too hot for me. I really loved the flavor of it so if they made a not so spicy version I would definitely recommend.

Have you tried Korean food before? If so, what is your favorite dish to order?

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