October Trader Joe’s Haul | Jesse Sage Collab!

October Trader Joe's Haul

Hey Guys,
Today I have a fun October Trader Joe’s haul to share and I had the pleasure of collaborating with Jesse Sage! This was my first time visiting Trader Joe’s so I picked up a variety of  healthy staples and autumn items. I found Trader Joe’s to have great quality and prices compared to other grocery stores in my area. A lot of the items I purchased are going to be on the healthier side because I’m currently trying to lose weight. However, I still added in a few irresistible autumn/ October themed treats. At the end of the post I’m including all of my purchases along with the prices.  Here is the video from my YouTube channel where I show you all of the October goodies I picked up at my local Trader Joe’s here in Tampa:

 Berry Beautiful October Trader Joe’s Haul

Here is the list of items I purchased along with the prices at time of purchase:
Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese $2.99
Fall Zucchette Pasta $1.99
Trader Joe’s Grower’s Reserve Zinfandel Organic Grown $5.99
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil $5.49
Pumpkin Waffles $1.99
Vanilla Pumpkin Candle $3.99
Squash Delicata $0.99
Avocados Hass Bag 4 ct $5.49
Organic garbanzo Beans $0.99 x 2 cans
Autumnal Harvest Spaghetti Sauce $3.49
Tuscan Kale Greens Organic 10 oz $2.79
Baby Bella Mushrooms Sliced $2.29
Pumpkin Spice coffee k cup $4.99
Non Dairy Creamer GT French Vanilla $3.49
Pumpkin Shaped Sugar Cookie $0.99
Petite Bouquet $3.99

Jesse Sage’s October & Halloween Trader Joe’s Haul

Oh my gosh, I don’t know how I missed the pumpkin cheesecake! After seeing all the October hidden gems like the Pumpkin Spice Almond Beverage in Jesse’s video, I feel I need to make another trip to Trader Joe’s. Definitely will be returning for more wine because their prices were so great and *spoiler alert* no hangovers haha.

Are you a Trader Joe’s shopper or will you be stopping by after seeing our October hauls? Let me know in the comments what you would pick up at Trader Joe’s! And don’t forget to show Jesse some love on her October Trader Joe’s Haul post

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