Strawberry Banana Kale Smoothie

Yoplait Greek Yogurt Kale Smoothie
Today, I’m sharing my favorite morning smoothie that is perfect for Spring Break! I made this Strawberry Banana Kale Smoothie as part of the Yoplait 1-Up Your Cup challenge.
Yoplait Greek Yogurt
After graduating college, I wanted to be healthier physically and started working out more. While learning about how different exercises train and shape your body, I also learned more about nutrition. I learned the importance of getting enough protein with every meal to aid in muscle building and realized I was not eating enough protein each day. Now, I try to start my day with protein so that I have energy to jump into my tasks. I love the Yoplait 100 Calorie Greek Yogurt because it contains 12 grams of protein in each container. There are a variety of different flavors available, but I picked up my favorite, Strawberry Banana, at my local Walmart.
Greek Yogurt Smoothie Ingredients
1 Yoplait 100 Calorie Greek Yogurt Strawberry Banana cup
1 Banana
1 cup kale (approximately)
1/2 slice of pineapple
3/4 cup vanilla almond milk
2 ice cubes
Greek Yogurt Smoothie Ingredients
I cut up the pineapple and banana into small pieces so that it will blend smoothly.
Getting an even blend can be a little tricky with some of the ingredients, therefore, I have, my own blending method. I put the soft ingredients first, then the harder to blend items, and last I add the liquid content.
Strawberry Banana Kale Smoothie
This order works best for me: banana, pineapple, kale, Yoplait Greek yogurt, ice cubes, and almond milk.
Strawberry Banana Kale Smoothie
Blend until there is an even, thin consistency; if you prefer it thicker you can use less almond milk. It should be green with only the tiniest flakes of kale.
Greek Yogurt Kale Smoothie
Just pour into a large mason jar, garnish with a pineapple wedge, and your Strawberry Banana Kale Smoothie is ready to enjoy!
Greek Yogurt Kale Smoothie
Looking for more ways to 1-Up Your Cup? Check out this Pinterest board of other great recipes.
What is your favorite way to 1-Up Your Cup?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills. The opinions and text are all mine.

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