Paris Morning Bakery

Paris Morning Bakery Latte Cup
I stumbled upon Paris Morning Bakery during a recent trip to South Florida and found it to be an adorable dessert cafe and tasty Korean bakery.


Paris Morning Bakery pastries
Macarons and Korean cakes
My cousin, Kamisha, brought me to this hidden gem in Davie, FL to convince me to try the bean paste pastries. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that almost all the pastries had sample trays out for customers, and naturally, I tried them all!
Paris Morning Bakery drink menu
Mixed girl with curly hair drinking coffee
Besides scrumptious bakery items, Paris Morning Bakery also offers a selection of coffee, tea, bubble tea, smoothies, and their specialty dessert, Milk Snow Flakes or Pat Bing Soo. As an espresso addict, I couldn’t resist ordering a caramel latte after the long drive.
Paris Morning Bakery Green Tea Milk Snow Flakes
Paris Morning Bakery Chocolate Oreo Milk Snow Flakes
I ordered vanilla macaroons for the three of us, while Kamisha ordered the green tea bing soo and Katrina the chocolate Oreo snow flakes.
Girls dining at Paris Morning Bakery
Macarons covering faces
Definitely recommend this South Florida bakery for a quiet place to catch up with friends and try new pastries.

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