Gio-K Top of the World

Gio-k top of the world close up

A few months ago, I was featured in a fun music video for  Gio-K Top of the World (featuring J. Perry). Today, one of my lovely snapchat friends showed me that the music video for Gio- K “Top of the World” is playing on TV in France as well as in Haiti!

Gio-K Top of the World Close Ups

 Gio-k top of the world close up

Gio-k top of the world laughing

I really loved my eye makeup on this shoot! I had been driving around all day so my neutral makeup was fading. Cenya, the makeup artist on the Gio-K set, quickly fixed me up for the video. She touched up my foundation and lightly contoured my cheeks and eyes. I loved the shimmery shade she used on the lids combined with the precise eyeliner. It was so pretty that I didn’t want to wash it off when I got home. I also liked how bright the top showed up on my skin; definitely need to add more royal blue to my wardrobe.

Top of the World 

Gio-k top of the world video

Gio-k top of the world Little Haiti

The video atmosphere felt like a fun get together with friends. We were outside on a breezy afternoon so, of course, my hair was everywhere; especially in the jeep ride. The two artists, Gio-K and J. Perry, are both of Haitian descent and local to the Miami area. Therefore, portions of the video was shot in Little Haiti which blended well with Caribbean melody. “Top of the world” is a pretty catchy and upbeat song. My favorite lyric is “I need a fast car just to drive slow” haha.  I’m in a few scenes, if you want to check it out below.

I’m really happy that the Gio-K Top of the World video is playing internationally! Ultimately, it was a fun shoot to work and a good time. Send me a snap if you see me on your TV, my snapchat name is ms-berry.

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