Sleeping Moon Cafe

Sleeping Moon Caprese Panini
Here are a few shots from my last visit to the Sleeping Moon Cafe, located on the outskirts of Winter Park, FL. I enjoyed the caprese panini with chicken along with the strawberry jasmine tea. Whenever I am heading towards this area I try to find an excuse to stop by because the ambiance soothes a busy day. It’s a great place to meet a friend for coffee or tea, but also nice to visit alone as there is varied seating. I love the service here because everyone is very friendly and they give refills on the iced teas of the day.


Sleeping Moon CafeSleeping Moon Cafe
The lunch/dinner menu contains paninis, salads, and appetizers such as grape leaves. They serve breakfast, however I have not tried it. There are also vegetarian and vegan options in other words, a little something for everyone. While this cafe is on the pricier side averaging $12 a meal, it is a delightful place to visit so I give it 4 out of 5 stars.
Sleeping Moon Turkey Panini with Avocado
Turkey panini with avocado.
Sleeping Moon Cappuccino
Cappuccino near a game of chess.

P.S.- The server mentioned that alongside the typical coffee and espresso drinks, they carry Turkish coffee. I had only heard of it once before but was unable to try it that day. I will have to update this post once I try their Turkish coffee and let you all know how it tastes with the coffee grounds in the cup.

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