6 Weight Loss Tips

Beach body tips from Elizabeth Berry

Losing weight can be a difficult journey for many who are trying to improve their health. Here are six weight loss tips that helped me initially lose weight and keep it off! 1. Always Eat Breakfast This tip is probably the most overused health tip of the century but it […]

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Evening Herb Gardening

Lavender Citronella and Sweet Basil Plants

A recent trip to the Home Depot garden section led me to purchase a few herbs. I picked up sweet basil, lavender, and citronella plants. I was so excited that I planted a few the same day I purchased them. I’ve been dying to grow my own basil for the […]

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Wake Up Walk

White star flower bush

When visiting my family’s house, I often walk outside and look at all the plants when I wake up. It puts me in a good mood and is great to do while drinking a cup of coffee or tea. Here are some photos from my walk around the lot today.

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