Korean Beauty Review of Romand and the FaceShop

Korean Beauty Romand and the FaceShop

I’ve been curious to try Korean beauty products ever since my cousin started using them a few years ago. I finally got my hands on a few makeup and skincare items, thanks to W2Beauty! I got to try lipstick and blush from Romand; along with a cleansing oil from the FaceShop for a Korean beauty review.

Korean Beauty from W2Beauty:the faceshop, Romand, Benton, Moksha Today’s Korean beauty review will include those three products, but I was also sent samples of Korean skincare
products to test in the future.

Romand Matte Lipstick in Awesome

Romand matte lipstick in Awesome

I liked that the Romand matte lipstick was well pigmented. Like many matte lipsticks, this one is on the dryer side and drags some. I had to use an ample amount of lip balm in order to apply smoothly. The color with one layer is a really nice pink and is subtle. Two layers is a very bright pink color almost pastel. I prefer the thinner layer for an everyday look but need lip liner if I want to have the same tone throughout my lips. I really liked this color because it is lighter, and brighter than the nudes I normally wear. It was nice to be a little out of my comfort zone with color.

Romand Blush Duo in Peach Scandal

Rom& blush and lipstickRomand blush duo in Peach ScandalRomand lipstick and blush

I have to say, I am so in love with the packaging of this blush duo! The pastel marbleized effect is so pretty with the gold inner accents. It was really smart to have a clear divider between the brush and blush; doesn’t take away from the asethic but keeps everything clean and together. Now back to the actual blush lol. I liked that the Peach tones were more natural looking but I didn’t like how sheer they were. I was expecting the pigmentation to be on the same level as the lipstick but this one requires you to load up your brush. I’m keeping in mind that the collection is made for Korean skin tones, but I was still hoping it would be more pigmented. I use this mainly for office days because it’s a natural flush.

The FaceShop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil

The FaceShop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil

The FaceShop Rice Water Bright Cleansing oil is definitely my favorite of the three items I was sent! This is now my fave way to remove makeup at night. It has a really pretty scent and feels nourishing when rubbed on. I like it because my face isn’t left feeling greasy. The light cleansing oil contains rice brain and jobaba oils which seem to work great on my acne prone combination skin. I’ve tried other oils and cleansing oils that contain heavy coconut oil just to wake up with painful pimples. For my regular work look of mascara, lip color, and blush or bronzer, the FaceShop cleansing oil works great on it’s own. On full face days, I do need to follow up with a cleanser or cleansing brush just to make sure all the foundation is off.

Korean Beauty Review

If you would like to see the products used on my tan complexion, watch the Korean Beauty First Impressions video below.

I am definitely open to trying more Korean skincare items and will be testing the sample sizes I was kindly sent. I’d probably try more eye and moisturizing lip products but hold off on the blushers and foundations until they expand pigments a bit.

Which Korean beauty products have you tried or would like to try? Let me know in the comments; thanks so much for reading!

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