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Doc B's Burgers Tampa

I’ve walked by Doc B’s Tampa at International Plaza on a few shopping trips, and dinned out this weekend. Finally getting a cooler change in weather, we thought it would be fun to have our date night on the outdoor patio. Here’s what we devoured for dinner at Doc B’s Tampa.

Doc B's Turkey Burger

Turkey Burger

Naturally, I ordered the Doc B’s turkey burger. It was topped with a cooked pepper, red onion, avocado, monterey jack, tortilla strips and an avocado vinaigrette. The turkey burger was really tasty; especially since I adore avocado. However, it was so tall that I couldn’t bite it without the toppings falling out. The only suggestion I would have is that they make the buns a little thinner so that you can get everything in one mouthful. Otherwise, I loved their turkey burger! The sweet potato fries were amazingly addictive; I finished everything on my plate and was stuffed.

Doc B's The Number Six

The Number Six

My boyfriend ordered the Number Six which is a spicy crispy chicken sandwich. It was topped with habanero-honey barbecue sauce, pickles, and a roasted garlic dressing. The chicken patty was good and I liked the sauce on the artisan roll, but I think my turkey burger was better. If they add cheese and avocado, the Number Six will be golden. Brandon also couldn’t resist the sweet potato fries! Definitely will return to Doc B’s Tampa, after a day of shopping, for the sweet potato fries and to try dessert.

Doc B's espresso shots

Espresso Shots

Afterward, we were heading to see Dr. Strange and decided on espresso shots to stay up for the late showing. I thought the tiny cups with little spoons were adorable. The Italian espresso gave just the right dose of energy needed for the movies, without keeping me up all night.

Dinner at Doc B'sDinner at Doc B's Tampa

I love how Brandon looks so calm in his picture. Meanwhile, I’m like “hurry up and take my picture so I can eat this fry.” I’m frequently in hunger mode so I’m happy my meal was so filling.

Doc B's TampaFire at Doc B's Tampa

Doc B’s Tampa

We enjoyed our dinner at Doc B’s Tampa. What is your favorite menu item to order?

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