FitMiss Tea Review

FitMiss Tea Beau-tea

If you follow my social media channels, then you probably know I’ve been testing the FitMiss Tea Cleanse. Today, I’ll tell you about my experience drinking the all natural tea cleanse in my FitMiss Tea review.

Beau-tea & Tea-stress

FitMiss Tea Review

I tried the two different teas in the FitMiss Tea Cleanse 14 Day Pack. The Beau-tea is a gorgeous jasmine oolong tea that you drink every morning with a great breakfast. Beau-tea is meant to be taken first thing in the morning because it boosts energy and aids in fat metabolism. Tea-stress is a senna leaf and peppermint blend that you drink every other night. The Tea-stress helps reduce bloating and stress. Ideally, you want to eat healthy and stay active while drinking the tea cleanse. FitMiss Tea also has a free monthly calendar that gives you workouts and recipes for the day.

My FitMiss Tea Review

FitMiss Tea Review Bikini

After testing both the Beau-tea and Tea-stress, I can honestly say I love the teas! Both teas are very flavorful and have a great aroma. The beau-tea is more of a floral taste and is really pretty because of the flower petals.  I love the tea-stress flavor the most because peppermint relaxes me. More importantly, the tea-stress helped me immensely with bloating during my time of the month. I hate feeling like a whale around that time but didn’t feel anywhere near as horrid while drinking the tea-stress.  This may be tmi but I have to mention that it does get “everything going” when it’s time to use the restroom haha. I feel FitMiss Tea figured out a perfect balance in the blend because it’s strong enough to cleanse but not too strong to cause cramping.

I know it helped me burn fat along with exercise and eating healthier (more fruits, vegetables, and legumes) because I lost 2% body fat in the time that I was trying the two teas. I used a hand held body mass indicator device at my gym a few days before I received the teatox in the mail and after two weeks of testing them.

FitMiss Tea Review Pool

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