Vegas Trip

Elizabeth Berry Vegas Trip
I had the opportunity to visit Las Vegas for the first time! Here are a few highlights from my mini vacation on the Las Vegas Strip.
McCarran Airport Glass Wall
LAS Airport Glass Wall
Curly Hair Jamba Juice
I flew into McCarran International Airport (LAS) and found the perfect spot to wait for my friend’s flight to arrive. I loved that this airport wasn’t too crowded and had so many food options because I was starving! I also picked up an orange, carrot, pineapple, ginger Jamba Juice blend to help with my allergies.
Vegas Strip Curly Girl
Curly Vegas Strip Paris
Explored the Vegas strip on my first night and loved all of the lights! Each casino in Las Vegas has its own theme but they are all very glamorous with detailed decor. I didn’t realize how much walking would be involved, not only on the strip but just going through the hotels and casinos. I never wore the heels I packed because my feet were so sore in sandals. Definitely looking for some cute sneakers for my next Vegas trip.
Las Vegas Champs Convention
Here’s a snap on the way to the trade show. This was a really fun convention modeling job because I was able to work at the convention during the day and explore Vegas at night.
Club Girls MGM Grand BalconyCurly girl romper balcony
 We stayed at the Signature at MGM Grand, which had an amazing balcony view. So of course, we were obligated to take a few Instagram pictures. Just a few because after a full day at the trade show, I was ready to eat! This romper was perfect for dinner in Vegas because it’s thin enough to walk the Strip in but has sleeves for inside the cold restaurants.
Wynn Las Vegas Garden
All Smiles Waiting in line at the Wynn Buffet
Cute Decor at Wynn Las Vegas Buffet
Adorable designing at the Wynn Buffet
Crêpe at the Wynn Buffet
We took a Lyft to the Wynn Las Vegas because we heard they had an incredible buffet. Remember when I said that all the hotels were glamorous?  Well the Wynn is on the top of the glamour list! They had beautiful indoor gardens mixed in with their shops and casino. But the real seller is the buffet! Omg, this was my favorite buffet ever, because everything I tried was fresh and tasted great! I loved how there was a great variety of meats as well as vegetable dishes.
My hunger prevented me from snapping all my foodies before inhaling; this was probably for the best as you all would be floored with the amount of food I ate! I even tried my first crêpe because their dessert bar had someone making them fresh with different fillings.
Las Vegas view from the plane
Las Vegas view from the sky
Grand Canyon plane view

While my Vegas adventure came to end, I enjoyed the views of the dessert and Grand Canyon from the sky. The change in topography kept me glued to the window. I had a great time and can’t wait to return for another Las Vegas trip!
Which Vegas attraction is your favorite?

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