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Here’s a quick post and video review of Firmoo, an affordable online glasses store. Firmoo round glassesFirmoo contacted me and I was able to choose this pair of glasses for free. I just paid for the upgrade to the Super Thin 1.60 lens with anti-reflection and UV protection. I chose the Super Thin lens because my prescription is stronger than -2.00. Whenever ordering glasses, it was always suggested to get thinner, glass lens because stronger prescriptions will be thicker on plastic lens.

Firmoo glasses case and key chain
From placing my order to shipping, it took two weeks for my glasses to arrive. My prescription glasses came in great condition and were wrapped in a cloth inside of the case for protection. Each pair of glasses comes with a hard case, cleaning cloth, drawstring bag, and screwdriver key chain. The screwdriver key chain is for the screws on the sides of the glasses and the other part is for adjusting nose pads.
Round online glasses
The frames I am wearing fall under the Medium size and here is the frame number: #DBSN62206 in the black & clear style. Here’s a link to my frames. I love the style of my frames because they appear to be rimless, at a distance. I find nose pads uncomfortable, therefore, the all plastic frame was perfect for me. The medium size is similar to my other glasses and looks cute with out overwhelming my face.
Cute Prescription GlassesI feel that ordering glasses from Firmoo was really affordable. If you breakdown all the costs for my frames, lens, and shipping, the total is just under $50. Firmoo is giving a free frame & lens if you use the code BERRY at checkout. Just pay for shipping and any additional upgrades. Hear more of my thoughts in the video below.
Have you ordered prescription glasses online before and would you try it?

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