What to Wear Running

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 Summer is approaching and a lot of us are intensifying our fitness routines. If you are planning to go running outdoors, you may have to tweak your attire for the weather. Here’s what I wear when running outside and why I choose to wear long sleeves in the heat.

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When running in full sun, I try to completely cover my skin. Reason #1 skin cancer, #2 crazy tan lines. I first started doing interval runs last summer in shorts and a tank top; I soon realized that my arms, chest, and lower legs were way darker than the rest of my body. I had to start covering up just to even out my complexion. Now, I wear long pants or tights that are made of moisture wicking fabric.
Outdoor Running Outfit
Running Outfit Outdoor
I found this light weight, long sleeve Nike jacket in extra small on Clearance at Marshall’s and my only regret is that I didn’t buy two! Even though it is hot outside, it’s a thin, breathable fabric so I’m still cool underneath. I love it because it covers my arms and stomach from the sun but also has zipper pockets to hold my phone. The most annoying thing is to sprint while holding on to your phone for dear life. Now the only thing I hold is my water bottle, which is a Gatorade bottle that I reuse because of the twist mouth piece.
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Under Armour Running Shoes
And the last staples are my baseball cap and of course running shoes! I like baseball caps because I can put my ponytail through and not worry about them flying off. These Under Armour running sneakers were an awesome Christmas gift from my family because I completely wore the tread off my Nike’s.
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What to Wear Running
What do you wear when exercising outdoors? And be sure to check out my last post if you also love Outdoor Yoga!

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