Yoga on the Lawn

laughing and planking
When I need to unwind, I love to practice yoga poses in my yard. Even though I’m a beginner, I still find that the motions relax me. Since I live in Central Florida, there are always flowers blooming which puts me at ease.
Downward Dog Curly Hair Grass
I try to start off with downward dog because it always was the first pose in Vinyasa classes that I took in the past.
cobra yoga pose curly hair
From downward dog, I move into cobra. Cobra helps stretch out my abdomen, which great to do after  the p90x ab ripper workout.
cow yoga pose curly hair
Cow Yoga Pose Curls
The cow to cat poses help realign my back. Sometimes I do this in my bed if I have been slouching over my computer all day.
Getting into Upward Bow Pose
Upward Bow Yoga Curly Hair
Upward Bow Wheel leg up
I’ve always done upward bow or wheel pose as a kid but it was called bridge then. I like this pose because it’s fun being semi upside down. I’ve been trying to improve my balance so that I can lift one leg up during this pose; so far, I haven’t been able to get it up completely straight, but I’m still practicing!
Plank curly hair
I like to do a low plank for a full minute near the end of my yoga sessions. It helps with core strength and with focus.
Child Pose curly hair
corpse pose yoga curly hair
At the very end I finish with child pose and then corpse pose. These two are mainly for breathing and taking in all the sounds and energy around. I get up feeling relaxed and calm.
What are your favorite yoga postures?

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