Pitbull Freedom Video

Pitbull Freedom video
I know it’s been a few months since the Pitbull “Freedom” music video launched, but I wanted to share a bit of my experience working as a model. This also happened to be my first time on a cruise ship!
Norwegian Escape Cruise Ship
We boarded the Norwegian Escape cruise ship from the port of Nassau in the Bahamas. Most of the Pitbull music video was filmed on this ship. It was my first time being on a ship as I’ve only been on boats before. I was impressed by how spacious it was on the inside. It really does feel as if you are on a small floating town since you run into the same people as you walk around.
Bahamas curly hair
Royal Blue bikini and curls
Curly Hair Sequin Dress Slot Machine

These are a few pictures from my first day on the video shoot. I was working as soon as we boarded the ship until late that night. It was kinda hectic running around to change clothes and then to different parts of the ship, but it was a fun rush. I was in the blue bikini for most of the day and switched into two different dresses for the evening. I loved the royal blue bikini and wish I had one in the same color.


Curly hair walking blue bikini rocks
bikini models in hot tub
Curly hair selfie

The first scene I shot was in the grotto with a waterfall flowing behind me. I ended up actually playing in the waterfall and getting soaked while laughing. It was a little nerve wrecking at first because I was concerned about my makeup and hair, but once I went under, my nerves left me for the evening. My next scene was in a hot tub with other models. This scene was really funny to shoot because we were all laughing and splashing water at each other but also slipping when changing positions. I had a short scene dancing with a male model on the deck and then changed into the sequin dress for the cute selfie scenes with Alexandra.


Port of Miami
Balcony Bikini curly hair

The next morning, we arrived to the port of Miami. Opening the sliding glass door and being awakened by a cool salty breeze, was the only way to get myself started for the day. I wish I could have spent more time here, but I was here to work. Next time I’m on a cruise I’m definitely booking a cabin with a balcony.


Cruise Balcony Reflection
Maxi Dresses Curly Long Hair

Both Shay and I picked the easy route and threw on maxi dresses for the early morning shoot. This was before we got ready to do the scene with Pitbull. I was a pretty nervous this morning because I wasn’t sure how my hair would dry. The night before it got really dried out from the chlorine, so I slept with a treatment in my hair. Thankfully, my curls ended up drying soft and bouncy.

And here is the finished music video for Pitbull’s song “Freedom.” Some of the footage was also used in a recent commercial for Norwegian Cruise Line, below.


Which one of my scenes was your favorite?

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