Evening Herb Gardening

Lavender Citronella and Sweet Basil Plants
A recent trip to the Home Depot garden section led me to purchase a few herbs. I picked up sweet basil, lavender, and citronella plants. I was so excited that I planted a few the same day I purchased them.
Sweet Basil
Hole for Sweet Basil Plant
Sweet Basil Bonnie plant torn rim and bottom
Sweet Basil Bonnie PlantI’ve been dying to grow my own basil for the longest! I actually had a tiny basil leaf growing in a pot at one time but it died during a cold winter. I decided to plant this sweet basil in between two oregano plants where there is good soil. I followed the directions that came with the Bonnie biodegradable pot. I just dug a hole the size of the pot, then wet the pot up with a hose. Tore off the top rim and bottom portion of the pot to expose the roots. Then I simply buried the herb and watered it.
Lavender Bonnie Plant roots
Lavender plantI repeated the same process for the lavender plant but I placed it in an area that gets sun in the morning but is shaded for the rest of the day. The soil here also isn’t as moist as the area I planted the basil, which should be more suited for the lavender. It is right under my bedroom window because I’m hoping it will grow tall and spread out. It would be great to open my window and smell lavender one day. Hopefully my wish will come true!
Lavender Citronella Sweet Basil Plants

Citronella is great for warding off mosquitoes; therefore, I kept this herb potted and placed it next to my power rack. This should help prevent a few mosquitoes bites during evening workouts.

Do you have any of these herbs at home?

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