Don Jose

Chicken fajita, burrito, enchilada, and taco at Don Jose Sebring
Since I first moved to Highlands County, I have been curious about the Don Jose Mexican Restaurant located in Sebring. I finally visited for my first time last week, and I’m happy to report that it will not be my last!
Sun and moon booths at Don Jose Sebring
Don Jose Mexican Restaurant MenuWe were seated inside but had a window view of the outdoor deck. The decor inside of Don Jose is very festive and bright. The booths have colorful art as well as the tables. The fully stocked bar also has a dining area. I hope to return on a weekend night to see what the bar is like when there is a younger crowd.


Dipping tortilla chips at Don Jose Sebring
Tortilla chips and salsa at Don JoseWhile looking through the menu, our server brought us chips and salsa. I liked that the chips were very fresh and not salty. The salsa was kinda spicy but good.


Curls and Strawberry Margaritas Don Jose Sebring
Strawberry Margarita at Don Jose SebringI ordered a strawberry margarita with Jose Cuervo tequila. Found it refreshing so I ended up having another one later. I wish they would have included a lime wedge and sugar rim though. My dad ordered the Dos Equis beer because, well, that’s his favorite.
Chicken Fajitas with Black Beans at Don Jose SebringI originally came in for a quesadilla but ended up ordering the Chicken Fajitas with black beans. The meal came with beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, rice, and tortillas (not pictured). The chicken was cooked perfectly and sizzled when our server set the plate down. I know everyone has their own way of eating but I actually love mixing everything together and rolling it in a flour tortilla. I ate all of it and was stuffed. The fajitas were so good that I feel as if I’ll be ordering them again on my next visit.
Dinner Combination taco, burrito, enchilada at Don JoseMy dad ordered the Dinner Combination #2 which came with one beef taco, one burrito, and one cheese enchilada. It had a side of refried beans and rice. He loved his meal and made me try his a piece of the cheese enchilada, which really was delicious. He said everything was cooked perfectly and had the right amount of sauce on top of the enchilada and burrito.
Dinner Combination 2, Chicken Fajitas, Margarita, Dos Equis Don Jose SebringI loved my fajitas and the pleasant service so I will definitely return to Don Jose Sebring.

Which Mexican dish do you love to order?

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