Moroccan Oil: Is it Worth the Price?

Morrocan argan oil
 Moroccan Oil, or Argan Oil is known for its abilities to smooth hair without weighing it down. I have used Argan oil to seal in moisture and have tried many different brands over the years. Moroccanoil was one of the first companies to introduce Argan oil into the U.S. market and is still maintaining it’s original prices. Today, I’m comparing the Moroccanoil Original Treatment against the GoPure Argan Oil to see which is worth its price.
Moroccan Oil
Morrocan Oil Original Treatment .85oz bottle
The Moroccanoil Original Treatment’s first two ingredients are different forms of silicone called cyclomethicone and dimethicone. Silicone can be useful in humidity because it blocks moisture from entering and swelling the hair shaft. However, dimethicone is one of the silicones known to cause build up and it requires a clarifying shampoo to be removed. I mention this because too much build up will weigh hair down and decrease sheen which are some of the key benefits of Argan oil. The next ingredients are Argan oil, fragrance, linseed seed extract and a few colorants. In my opinion, the colorants are unnecessary but the citrus fragrance is very pleasant! The original treatment has a thick consistency and will not run off your fingers, so a little goes a long way. I found it to work well on my damp, curly hair and on dry, straightened hair. In both cases it left my hair soft and smooth. The pictured Moroccanoil Original Treatment .85 oz/ 25 mL bottle retails for $15 and the larger 3.4 oz/100 mL bottle is $44.
GoPure Argan Oil Ingredients
GoPure Argan Oil Ingredients
The only ingredient in the GoPure Argan Oil is, well, Argan Oil. The consistency of the GoPure Argan oil is much thinner in comparison to Morrocanoil’s Original treatment. That’s why I think they included a dropper so that you don’t accidentally pour out too much. The GoPure oil doesn’t have much of a scent, or at least nothing noticeable. I also used this on damp curly hair and on straightened hair, which it left smoother and softer. However, I use more of the GoPure Argan oil than the Moroccanoil version since the consistency is much thinner. The GoPure Argan Oil 4 oz/ 120mL bottle pictured retails for $9.95.
Moroccanoil GoPure Argan Oil
Argan Oil consistency
The Verdict:
The GoPure Argan oil is my pick mainly because of price and ingredients. I wash my hair every 2-3 days and use gentle sulfate-free shampoos. I don’t like the idea of having to use a harsher shampoo because of a product I use everyday. When I straighten my hair or set it in rollers, I’ll go over a week without washing and cannot have product build up if I want my hair to look its best. While I prefer the viscosity and fragrance of the Moroccanoil, I can’t justify its price. I would have to buy 4 GoPure 4 oz bottles for the price of one 3.4 oz bottle of Moroccanoil. Both leave my curls soft and bouncy so pricing is the bottom line.
Blonde Curly Hair
I received both items as gifts and all opinions are my own.
Have you tried any of these Argan oil brands? If so, which was your favorite?

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