Luminess Air Warm Kit

Luminess Air Warm airbrush

How to airbrush with Luminess Air Warm foundations and blush. This video tutorial will show you how to use the Luminess Air system to apply airbrush foundation as well as blush. I am using the Ultra shades from the Warm Starter Kit.


Luminess Air Starter Kit
Luminess Air compressor and airbrush gunThe Luminess Air basic kit includes an air compressor, airbrush gun, adapter, empty water container, and a Getting Started instruction manual.
Luminess Air Starter Kit Warm 2015
Luminess Air Starter Kit Warm Ultra 2015The four Warm shades included in my kit were Shades 4, 5, 6, and 7 in the Ultra foundation finish. The Moist Primer is the same in all kits, but I received the Blush in Tulip 3n and Airbrush Glow in G1. Shades 5 and 6 blended with my skin the most but neither was a perfect match. Therefore, I combined the two shades to get a closer complexion match.
  • I found it best to use the moisturizing primer first and then apply a liquid concealer to my blemishes. If you want to use liquids, make sure you use them before spraying on the airbrush makeup.
  • You can apply powder makeup after you are done airbrushing because it dries to a similar finish.
  • Tie back your hair and don’t wear jewelry while spraying.
  • Spray in a continuous circular motion with the trigger pulled between the first and second notches of the airbrush gun.
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