How to Use Garnier Olia

Berry Beautiful Garnier Olia
Today, I finally show you how I dye my curly hair with Garnier Olia. This is just a video showing you how I dye it but if you want an in depth review on the product, read the Garnier Olia review I did a while back.
Today I’m using the Champagne Blonde shade, however, it was extremely difficult to find! In the past, I have used the Medium Blonde shade and that worked well, I just prefer the champagne because it’s more of an ash tone. I pretty much follow the directions given except for a few steps and the length of time that I leave it in. It is suggested that you have someone with patience help you if not do it for you because it will come out better. With that said, I didn’t have my mom here to do it for me so I had to dye it on my own and missed a few spots. It’s not a big deal to me but if it is to you then please have someone who likes hair do it for you.

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