Elegant Curly Hairstyle

Gold Necklace Curly Hairstyle
Hair Tutorial! I know I haven’t made a curly hair tutorial in a while but I wanted to post this one because it is very easy yet feminine. This is great for those of you with really long necklaces that you want to wear as hair jewelry. I like this style because you still get to wear the necklace around your neck and in your hair.


I’m wearing the Golden Leaf Multi-Chain necklace from Bijoux ou Bijou. They have jewelry and accessories that are quality at affordable prices. Since this necklace is gold plated, it will not fade or change color for a very long time. Visit Bijoux ou Bijou here and use the code JEWELRY15OFF to receive 15% off your purchase. Purchases of $50 or more receive free shipping and a free gift!

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