Sno Tea Desserts

SnoTea Desserts
Sno Tea Desserts is a great UCF treat for when you’re done with that grueling exam that took weeks of studying.


Sno Tea is made from a frozen block of juice and finely shaven into a dessert treat similar to italian ice; but more flavorful since the juice is already infused in the ice block instead of pouring thick syrup on after ward. Sno Tea offers vegan options with their wide variety of flavors and fruit topping selections. I tried the Strawberry Sno Tea and added strawberries, pineapple, mango mochi, cookie dough and cheesecake as my toppings. My bill came out to less than $4 which is quite affordable considering you pay for the cup and can add as many toppings as will comfortably fit. There is also a great variety of Boba Tea sold here. I give Sno Tea a 5 out of 5 for great value, quality, and innovation since this is the first time I have seen a dessert of this type in Florida; especially at such an affordable price!

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