Dead Sea Mud Mask

Here is my review of the Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask!


This is one of the few mud masks on the market that contain a significant amount of Dead Sea silt or mud. I wanted to make sure to mention that point because a lot of masks that you will find will have Dead Sea mud and or salt listed as one of the last ingredients which means that there is very little of it in the formula. I really enjoyed using this mask and felt that it left my skin baby smooth and well moisturized afterward. I used this product for a little over a month, varying from 1-2 per week. It definitely makes my skin firmer but it did not tighten my pores. To be fair, I have larger pores in the areas where my seborrheic dermatitis is most prevalent, which would make it very difficult for any product to reduce the appearance of them. The mask tingles when applied because of the salt and also helps to heal cuts and blemishes faster. The Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask is rather expensive (about $40), so I’m not sure if I will repurchase it. However, it makes most of its claims and is a great product if you are trying to firm your skin and soothe it naturally.

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