These are my short term tips for women that want to be more confident or gain confidence. Some can be used in the long term but they are not to replace working on oneself and trying to be more comfortable in one’s skin. These are meant to just help along the way and are good if you have an event coming up where you need to be confident, now!

 1. Wear Sexy Underwear

It doesn’t matter if you are the only one who will see them it’s the thought that they are on that will give you that boost. You’ll be smiling about it all day when you think about it which will make everyone want to be around you because they want to know the secret you’re smiling about. That just opens the door to new conversations and when you’re giggling it’s kinda hard to think about being nervous.
2. Blush on, Mascara Strong
Do your hair or makeup inspired by one of your favorite celebrities or even historical figures. There are a ton of makeup tutorials on YouTube for practically anything, so don’t use the “I don’t know how” excuse. Learn, it’s fun and you will have a new skill by the end of the day! If you love the kohl liner of Cleopatra or maybe the rouge of Marie Antoinette, then use those to make a modern day look incorporating older trends. This isn’t for Halloween so no one is judging for authenticity; just a way for you to try new looks.
3. Wear Your Favorite Perfume
Scent can really bring you to a different world. Something sweet or bold, whichever your taste, can help set the tone for your day. If anything, when you have a nervous moment, the scent on your wrist can help soothe your anxiety and bring you back to a comfortable state.
4. Daily Light Exercise
I know it is probably the most over used advisement on confidence and feeling happier but exercise really does help. I’m not asking you to run a mile every day, this can be as simple as walking your dog every day for 30 minutes. This action is better done outside because the fresh air and sunlight do wonders to the body and aid in improving your mood along with the endorphins released from exercising. If you have a pet this will be even easier as the playful nature of animals decreases anxiety that may be associated with the event you need to do.
5. Ten Squats for Negative Thoughts
Going with the exercise topic, I want you to do ten squats every time you think or say something negative. Most would be surprised how negatively they think on a day to day basis. The negativity you carry about yourself or situation will hinder your confidence and self-esteem. By doing the squats you will have a physical reminder every time you par take in this self-destructive act and will start thinking more positive. If this happens to be really difficult and you end up doing way too many squats, then you’ll have a nice butt and quads by the end of the week. When you have a nice ass, you aren’t worrying about anyone else’s; throwing jealousy out of your life as well.
6. Complete a Small Task
Completing a small task, such as cleaning your room, will give you that feeling of accomplishment needed to move forward with bigger projects. I’m a strong believer in cluttered room, cluttered mind so I need organization and this an invaluable tip to my wellbeing. Even if it is another task such as finishing a painting, you need to complete it because the act of completing a goal is what gives the confidence boost; no matter how big or small.
**Extra Tip** Stand Tall
Posture is so important to you physiologically but I know you all don’t care about that so I’ll get straight to aesthetics: Great Posture = Attraction. You want people to look at you and take you seriously? Stand up straight and walk with purpose. Even if you aren’t looking well that day, you will be perceived as more attractive because your posture gives off the vibe that you value yourself. No one will notice the face of the girl with the beautiful lips and glowing skin if she’s slouching and looking at her feet as she walks by. You must make your presence known even if you don’t feel that great others will feed off of it and become drawn to you.

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